Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$5 Hallmark coupons in magazines again??

UPDATE: So far I've received confirmation from readers that this $5 off coupon can be found in the following magazines:

  • Nov/Dec MidWest Living Page 17 (sticky/peel off coupon)
  • Dec. Real Simple (between pages 74-74)
  • Dec. Southern Living

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!! I just read on SlickDeals that the awesome $5 Hallmark coupon that was around last Christmas season HAS RETURNED!
Apparently, there is one in the Nov/Dec. issue of MidWest Living!! Does anyone have this magazine and can confirm?
This coupon was in MANY magazines last year (Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Family Circle, Martha Stewart Living, Oprah, Parents, Real Simple, Southern Living, Taste Of Home,Womans Day) -- many of which we are already receiving for FREE. I was able to snag SO MUCH with multiple coupons last year!! I got wrapping paper, ornaments, cards, gifts- it was awesome! I mean- FREE $5 to spend at Hallmark! It was incredible!
There was also a printable coupon that arrived in December-- let's keep our fingers crossed for one this year!

 Let me know if you've spotted this coupon this year!


  1. Got it-Midwest Living is the first to have it for me this year!!! Yay!
    sarah b

  2. What does it look like? Is it a card-type inserted in the magazine or is it part of the regular page, where you have to cut it out?
    I get some of those magazines and will look, but need to know what I am looking for!

  3. Rikkersc-
    the only one I've heard of this year is in the Nov/Dec MidWest Living. I don't know what it looks like, but last year it looked like the link above.
    It's was either a tear out postcard type coupon or it may have been a lift the flap coupon-- I can't remember exactly; it actually could have been both ways, depending on the magazine.
    Hope that helps... hopefully we'll find out more as more of the Nov/Dec mags come out!

  4. yah! I am so excited, I hope we see more of these! I got tons of the little yankee candles, really nice gift wrap and candy for practically free last year because of these $5 off coupons!

  5. This coupon is a "stick on" and is in the December issue of Midwest Living at about page 17. And, it is good on Hallmark ornaments too! Yeah!

  6. Got my Redbook today and the Hallmark sticky card is there! Wooo hoo!


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