Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paying it forward...

Last month I taught a coupon class at a local church. The gals there took up a love offering for me and the money collected, although very appreciated and kind, was way too generous for me to accept. I really desire to teach people how to save money, and I didn't want to take their money! The organizer of this class assured me that they always do this for their speakers, that they wanted to give it, etc. but I still felt uncomfortable about it.

So, on the way home from the class, I promised myself that I would take half the money from that night and Pay It Forward. My idea was to buy some toys for some children and donate them to Toys 4 Tots or the Goodfellows.

But, life got busy, and everytime I had a window of opportunity to take my kids shopping (I wanted them to help me pick out the toys and explain to them what we were doing), something would come up. I kept thinking I'd have time to do it or that I'd hear about a specific family with a need I could help fulfill. I kept putting it off.

Suddenly, it was a week until Christmas and I still hadn't paid it forward as I had planned. So, last Saturday night, I prayed and specifically asked the Lord to please BRING me SOME KIDS for whom I could buy some Christmas presents.

The very next morning I had an email from a coworker, explaining that there was a fellow teacher with two kids who would most likely not have any Christmas presents or Christmas dinner. She was asking for volunteers to spread some Christmas love and help this family out.

Wow! The Lord had so clearly answered my prayer.

Have you ever had a prayer answered-- been given a crystal clear response to your petition-- and you still are able to ignore it or justify doing something different than you know you should?

Sunday was a super busy day for us with church and then a family Christmas party. Monday and Tuesday we had friends from out of town staying with us. The coworker who sent me the email said she needed to collect the items before Wednesday to take to this family. I knew I had to get to the store and buy the presents for these kids, but it was just such an inconvenient time for me!

But the Lord kept speaking to me all day on Tuesday. I felt like He was telling me, "Meghan- you prayed and I answered you... are you really not going to make time for it?"

So, last night the whole family headed to the store and happily bought toys and gift cards for this family. I hope they enjoy them and have a blessed Christmas. I hope my girls learned something about giving... about being generous with our money... about paying it forward. I know I learned about all of those things, but I also learned about listening and responding to answered prayer.

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  1. Beautiful story and life lesson. I continually stand amazed at our Wonderful, Holy and Loving God who answers our prayers and patiently waits to see if we'll recognize it's from Him and then follow accordingly! :-)