Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Use your Ebay $5 gift certificate to purchase a gift card!

I was thinking about how to best use the $5 Ebay gift certificate many of us got from the great RecycleBank 1 point promo last Friday.

Then, it occured to me to turn this free $5 into another gift card! You can find lots of gift cards on Ebay, and usually they don't end up going for more than the value of the card (although sometimes they do, which never makes sense to me!).

So, I searched for $5 Gift Card on Ebay and turned up lots of results! Sort by the lowest price and see if there is any you'd like to buy with your free $5 ebay gift certificate! Most of these come with free shipping, or you pay about $0.44 for them to be mailed to you!

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