Friday, January 20, 2017

Valentine's Craft: Make your own Sun Catcher!

Here's another Valentine's Craft re-post from two years ago! These sun catchers were really pretty in the window!

We made this craft in preschool today, although I should really say "I" made it because it was a bit hard for the almost 4 year olds to do. But, it was still fun and turned out pretty.

I saw this idea at Martha Stewart and it is really simple and uses supplies you probably already have at home.
You'll need:
  • Wax Paper
  • Crayons
  • empty Paper Towel tubes
  • thread and needle
  • construction paper
  • yarn
  • Iron and ironing board and old towel or washcloth

1) First, get a long piece of wax paper and fold it in half. Open it back up again.

2) Take a couple of pink and purple crayons and use a knife to shave them- almost like you're peeling a potato- onto one half of the wax paper.

3) Fold the wax paper back over and place it carefully on your ironing board and put an old washcloth or towel on top. Place the warm iron on top and slowly press down and smooth it out.
(You may want to cover your ironing board with an old towel so you don't have melted crayon leak out, like it did to mine!)
Oops! Some crayon got on the ironing board cover!

4) Once the crayon shavings inside your wax paper have cooled, cut out various heart shapes. You may want to iron them again after cutting to make sure the edges are still sealed.

5) Thread your needle with some thread and poke a hole through the top of each heart. Pull the thread through.

6) Now, you could just hang them up like that or tape them to a window (even without the thread, if you prefer). Or, you can take 1-2 paper towel tubes (we taped two together) and cover them with pink construction paper. Then we took a pink piece of yarn and thread that through the paper towel tubes and taped the ends up on either side of our window.

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