Friday, June 3, 2011

Plain Mary $100 voucher for $50, plus Graduation, Wedding, and Baby Shower ideas with adorable suitcases!

Okay, I have a deal idea for you, but you have to hear me out.

You can get a $100 voucher to Plain Mary for $50. Plain Mary sells items for "posh kids and moms". Supposedly, the celebrities are all about these products; I had never heard about them until now.
 However, I FELL IN LOVE with these adorable stacking suitcases and thought I could use the $100 voucher to pick up a few for different gift ideas! This is the season for Graduation Parties, Wedding Showers and Weddings, and baby showers! The suitcase is really a gift in itself, so just add a few items inside to "suit" the occasion and you're ready to go!!

Graduate: Fill any size suitcase with gifts for the grad who is headed off to college! The small one can hold desk supplies you can pick up at the dollar store (sticky notes, highlighters, etc). A larger suitcase could be filled with snack supplies for the grad who will be living in a dorm room!

Baby Shower: Fill any size suitcase with books, clothes, or small toys. I really love cute containers that can hold the toys so the Family Room doesn't look so toy-cluttered! These will be adorable in any baby room or family room!!

Wedding Shower or Wedding: Fill any size suitcase with anything for the new bride and groom- a blanket and a bottle of wine, a photo album and some wedding scrapbooking supplies, kitchen gadgets and gizmos, items for a honeymoon like beach towels and sun block, or how about filled with cash (unmarked, lol!) in singles or even quarters! Ha ha!

You can buy the set of 3 for just $36 and then divide them up or keep them all together. Or you can purchase each individual size for as low as $11 and they come in all sorts of colors for boys or girls!!

Remember, the $50 voucher gets you $100 in credit, so you could pick up 9 of the small suitcases, making them just $5.50 each!

I'm not sure if your voucher can be applied towards shipping, but it is not included in the deal.

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