Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to get rid of Mildew Smell from Towels

I've been reading a lot online lately about how vinegar and baking soda can take the STINK out of anything! In fact, when our dog was sprayed by a skunk for the first time a few weeks ago, we used a baking soda bath to take that awful smell away!

I was noticing that our favorite towels were beginning to get a certain smell to them. We don't have good ventilation in our Master Bathroom (read: a small window), so they don't dry all that quickly. I didn't want to toss them though, because they aren't that old and, well, good towels are expensive!

So I tried a homemade Vinegar bath. Here's what I did:

I washed a load of towels with HOT water and 1 CUP Vinegar.
I then washed them again with HOT water and 1 CUP baking soda.
Then I immediately dried them in the dryer.

Guess what- they came out smelling great! Even after using them and getting them wet, the mildew smell was gone!

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