Thursday, November 29, 2018

DIY: Make an Advent with Christmas Books!

Update: This is the 3rd year we are doing this and my kids BEG that we do it every year! We have now collected so many Christmas books that some nights each of the girls get to pick a book! And, since I store the books with our Christmas decorations for most of the year, it's like the books are brand new again when they open them up! They will comment, "Oh, I kind of remember this one!" or "I was hoping to get this book- I remember loving it!", but for the most part, it's like we are reading it for the first time!

I hope you'll consider trying this- it's a great Christmas tradition and your kids will probably love it as much as mine!

This year, we're starting a new tradition. Instead of making an advent calendar filled with trinkets and toys, we're using Christmas Books!

I went through all the books we owned and rounded up 13 Christmas Books. Then I went to our local children's consignment shop and purchased 10 more. Then I wrapped them in gold, green, and red tissue paper.

Each night, the girls will take turns choosing a Christmas book to unwrap and we'll read it together at bedtime. One Christmas Eve, we'll read the Bible story of the first Christmas!

When I explained it to my kids, they were so excited. We had to play the "pick a number" game to see who would get to go first. On the nights that they aren't opening a book, they'll get to open the Chocolate Advent Calendar (from the Dollar Store).

The funny thing is, they both wanted to be the one to open the book tonight... I thought maybe they would still want the chocolate!


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