Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pampers Gifts to Grow: New 10 point code, plus 20 points for reading articles!

You can enter code the following codes for more free points:

TWIT88949D3AP14 for 10 points
Read these articles for 10 points each. Just read it and then click "I've Read It".

Labor Support and the Role of Doulas 

These may still be available??

67CYBR57MDY2014 – 10 points
TWT7CYBR57MDY14- 5 points

New members start off with 100 free points!! You don't have to have a child in diapers to participate either! Pampers sends out lots of FREE codes, so you can still participate and accumulate points for rewards! 

Also, you can now earn some points for reading articles! Just click the links below, log in, read the article, then click “I’ve read it” to get 10 points for each article!

Becoming fit for motherhood (new!)
How to keep your baby walking safe on stairs
Pregnancy diet tips
Travel During Pregnancy
Your Baby’s First Plane Trip


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  1. Looks like this code no longer works. Tried it this morning and came back as expired.


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