Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School Scavenger Hunt! 10 Free Pre-Written Clues! Just print and hide and delight your kids!

I'm re-posting this because it was tremendously popular! I know some areas are back to school already, and some are starting next week!

My Valentine's Scavenger Hunt was a big hit with my kiddos and my readers, so I decided to write another one for back to school time! Even though we homeschool our kids, I still like to make the first day fun and special!

So, I have 10 FREE Pre-Written Clues that I'm sharing with you! Just print or handwrite them out on pieces of papers, hide them where instructed, and tell your kids you have a big surprise for them! They'll love it!

I'm using a trip to the ice cream store as our final surprise, but you can do anything! It doesn't even have to include any cost! Be creative!

1. Good morning my sweets!
It's the first day of school
A new year begins
So I've planned something cool!

You'll find a prize
if you follow the clues
The first one begins
in the room where you snooze
(hide the next clue in a bedroom)

2. Before you go and fill your head
with science, history, and math
please make sure you're neat and clean
Did you take your shower or bath?
(hide the next clue in the bathtub)

3. Remember that to have a good year
You should start each and every day
With a healthy and nutritious meal
at our own breakfast buffet
(hide the next clue at the breakfast table)

4. It's almost time for you to leave
But before you start to rush
You'll need to first check your teeth
Hurry and go floss and brush!
(hide the next clue near the toothbrushes)

5. Do you think you're all ready? 
Are you just about set?
Go to the place where you put the things
That you don't want to forget.
(hide the next clue near the backpacks)

6. You are so smart
and you're such a good reader
You know what they say, 
"readers are the leaders!"
(hide the next clue on a bookshelf)

7. You'll learn so much
you'll make new friends
Find the next clue
with your pencils and pens
(hide the next clue in their pencil case)

8. We're almost done
It's about time to go
Oh wait! Grab some tissue
in case you need to blow!
(hide the next clue near the tissue box)

9. I'm so proud of you
My little scholars!
We love you so much
More than a million dollars!
(hide the next clue in your purse or wallet)

10. You're going to have a fantastic year
It's sure to be a pleaser!
You may now go and find your prize
It's hidden in the freezer!

(I'm hiding a gift card to a ice cream shop, where we'll go after our first day of school. You can change this last rhyme to suit you and whatever prize you decide on!)

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this scavenger hunt!! Please share it on Facebook and Pinterest by clicking on the "Share" button below!

To print the clues, just highlight them, right click on "copy" and then paste it into a Word Document and print!

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