Saturday, October 22, 2016

Easy Math Game to practice addition and place value! Use household toys, like UNO and Lincoln Logs or Legos and Beads!

Here is a fun game we used today to practice place value, adding up to tens, and adding in our head.

All you need is:

* A Deck of Cards with the numbers 1-9 and a "wild" card for 10. (We used UNO cards, but you could also use a regular deck if you use the Ace to represent one and a King to represent 10)

* Playing Pieces to represent groups of TENS and ONES (We used Lincoln Log pieces: The large logs are 10 and the singles are one. In the past we've also played this game used LEGO pieces, pretzels (tens) and marshmallows or Cheerios (ones), single beads and sets of 10 beads on a string, etc.)

Here's how to play:

  1. Place the objects representing groups of TENS and ONES in the middle of the playing area.
  2. Shuffle the cards.
  3. Each player takes a turn choosing a card from the middle deck.
  4. The player then shows their number by placing the correct number of tens or ones in front of them using Lincoln Logs
  5. On the players next turn, they add the new number they drew from the deck to the number in front of them and change their playing pieces to show the new total number.
  6. The first player to reach 100, wins!

(In the picture above, my total number from adding all my drawn cards was 55-- 5 sets of 10 and 5 ones)

You could also adapt this game to challenge older kids as well. You could have players draw 2 cards to represent a 2 digit number (a 2 and a 5 would be 25) or draw 3 cards to represent a 3 digit number (a 2 and 5 and a 3 would be 253). In this version, the first player to reach 1,000 could win, or the person with the highest number after 10 rounds would win. You would need more playing pieces to represent ones, tens, and one hundreds, but this would definitely be a more challenging version to add three digit numbers in one's head!

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