Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 things I always do... before my morning coffee!

I was reading an article recently that named the morning habits of highly productive people. I realized that many successful people are those who get up early and start off their day on a "productive foot".

Here are 5 things I always do before I take a sip of my morning coffee:

1) Wake up early and pray
I try to set my alarm for at least 45 minutes to an hour before the kids wake up. I like to get a head start on them. Hahaha!
I spend a few minutes talking to God and praying before I get up... Saying Good Morning to God is a great way to have a good morning.

2) Make the bed
I can't stand an unmade bed! I always always always make my bed. If hubby is still in bed, I make my half while he's still in his half!

3) Exercise
This is a new one for me, but since it's winter and I haven't been outside running, I've been getting up and doing exercise videos on TV. Trying to get back in shape before warm weather comes is a huge motivator. Sometimes my hubby gets up and we do this together, which is much more fun!

4) Put away dishes from the day before and tidy up
After exercising, I tidy up the kitchen and family room.... put away clean dishes, fold blankets, pick up toys or belongings that were left out the night before. I hate to have clutter on my counters and the couch, so I'm a constant "picker-upper".

5) Check my email
Most of the email that comes through during the night is junk, so I like to clean that out of my inbox, check emails that I haven't responded to, and get a head start on any good deals that are happening.

If my kids are still asleep at this point, I'll start my coffee. When they get up, I'm ready to cuddle with them and start breakfast. While I'm making breakfasts, I'll pack my hubby's lunch and then get our school books out and have the kids start their morning devotions!

So, by 8:30 am we are already rockin' and rollin' and getting our day going!

Are you a morning person? What do you do before your cup of coffee?

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