Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Friend's Blog: Little Mountain Momma

I have another friend who has a blog and I'd like to introduce you. Her name is Brittany and she lives way across the country from me now, in the beautiful state of Colorado. Her blog is called Little Mountain Momma.

The fact that she reads and quotes Ann Voskamp is enough to make us kindred spirits, but this gal also has such a huge heart for God, for her kids (who are so so cute), and for other mommas.

She talks openly about her struggles as a woman and a working-at-home mommy, but always brings it back to her faith in God. She blogs about her experiences with Gluten Free living and struggling with Postpartum Depression.

Grab a cup of coffee or a Coke and go visit her site, will you?

Here are some of my favorite posts from her:

A Season of Rest

More Than a Sunrise

Little Hearts

What's Your Purpose?

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