Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How Free rewards points equals lots of Freebies! Spotlight on Pampers Gifts to Grow

If you're a frequent reader here, you know that I post a lot of FREE rewards codes. Companies like Pampers, Disney Movie Rewards, Kellogg's Family Rewards, and Recyclebank typically release free codes for their members to use to add up the points they are earning.

Maybe you see these posts and just disregard them, but I want to show you why you should STOP scrolling through these posts about free rewards!

So I'm going to show you how I'm earning FREEBIES just by entering the free codes from some of the sites I mentioned above!
Today I put the spotlight on Pampers Gifts to Grow!

What is Pampers Gifts to Grow?
Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards program was designed to reward you for purchasing Pampers diapers and wipes and to encourage you to continue purchasing these items. You collect the codes from inside Pampers products and enter them into your Pampers Gifts to Grow account to accumulate enough points to earn a reward. It's very similar to the Huggies Rewards program.

How do I earn free points?
Unlike Huggies, Pampers Gifts to Grow will often release FREE codes that you can enter into your account. These codes are free and do not require a purchase.

You can also read articles that are posted at Pampers website and earn points that way. The articles are typically worth 10 points and it just takes a few seconds to read it and click "read it"!

How easy is it?
On a scale of 1-5, it's a 1! What's great about the Pampers Gifts to Grow program is that you don't even need to have a child in diapers in order to participate! They release enough free codes (usually weekly or, at the minimum, once a month) that you can earn a reward without making any purchases!

Why is it worth my time?
It only takes a few seconds to log into your Pampers Gifts to Grow account and enter the free codes that I post here. Each code is usually worth 5-20 points (but they will occasionally offer up 50-100 point codes as well!), so if you are consistent about entering the free codes, you can easily get a reward within a few weeks or get a larger reward within a year.

The Rewards catalog starts at just 10 points for entering Sweepstakes and then goes up from there. You can redeem your points for Shutterfly items (calendars, prints, books, etc) and baby gear like sunglasses, potty seats, bath toys, strollers, books/dvd's, and more. There are also magazine subscriptions as rewards too!

Over the years, I've redeemed my points for numerous rewards from Pampers! I've gotten gift cards to Starbucks and others restaurants, baby gear, Shutterfly credits and more! In fact, the last reward I earned was this Baby Comfy Nose Nasal Aspirator. A friend recommended it and I got it for FREE using my points!

Most Pampers rewards come with free shipping as well!

NEW Pampers Gifts to Grow members can sign up HERE and get a bonus 100 points in their account just for joining through my link!

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