Monday, March 23, 2015

Amazon: Twin Size Foam topper just $39.99-- 78% off!! (regularly $160)

I just bought this LUCID 2 Inch Foam Mattress Topper Twin size 3-Year Warranty on Amazon for just $39.99 (regularly $160!) for my daughter's crib.

The baby is almost 2 years old but we hope to keep her in the crib until about 3. Lately she's been waking up at night and I'm beginning to think the crib mattress is too hard and uncomfortable for her... especially after feeling our bed with our memory foam topper!

I plan to cut this Twin size foam to fit her crib and use the other part for the pack n play (have you felt those mattresses???... they are sooo hard!)

If you're having trouble with your toddler's sleep, maybe give this a try as well? It gets great reviews and the price drop is huge (78% off)!

Check out this review from one mom:
 My purpose for this full size foam matress cover was different than others. I have a toddler and his mattress seemed uncomfortable and so did his Graco play yard. So I cut it into two pieces to fit his crib mattress and play yard. He sleeps so soundly now and I want to order one for my bed now. This is high quality foam that had no smell and flattened out within hours. Love it love it love it!!! It could have been used as a mattress by itself because of how firm it is. No better price in the market or in any store. I know cuz I looked everywhere. Memory foam squeezes down to nothing but this stays the same shape and is comfy to lay on. I never thought good old fashioned foam would be better than memory foam.

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