Saturday, April 15, 2017

"You've Been Egged" Easter Activity!

You've Been Egged!

You may have seen this Secret Easter activity on Pinterest. I love this idea and wanted to make a Christian version to share with you all.

Here's what to do:

Just fill 12 eggs with candy, stickers, mini chapsticks, bouncy balls, coins, or other small goodies. We picked up eggs and treats at the dollar store.

Print the You've Been Egged sign and roll it up and tie with a ribbon and place it inside an egg carton. Or you can tape the sign to the door of the house that you "egg". Just be sure to leave the empty egg carton on their front porch so they know that something is up when they open the door. 

Get your secret mission clothes on and drive to a friend's house. Covertly hide the eggs around their yard while the "Mission Impossible" soundtrack plays in your head. Then when you're all done, put the empty egg carton and You've Been Egged sign in their door, knock or ring the bell and RUN!

Your friends will enjoy a mini Easter Egg hunt and wonder who it was that "EGGED" their house!!

We did this yesterday to some friends and it was so fun! I wanted to take pictures of the girls hiding the eggs and running back to the car, but we were so excited and nervous that I didn't get a chance to! Plus we had a really windy day so the eggs kept blowing around their yard! HAHAHA! And.... the two year old had to "help" as well, so all that combined means Mommy didn't get her camera out at all! But, it was a lot of fun and we'll probably do it again to some more friends!

Go here to print!

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