Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY: Book Page Wreath! A simple and free craft to make for your home!

I was in a crafty mood the other day and completed two cute projects. They were really simple and therapeutic for me.... I dunno, when I get stressed or something, I either want to craft or each chocolate. I figure the craft is better for everyone.

I have seen lots of cute book pages crafts all over Pinterest and since I had glue for my glue gun, old books from college in the basement, and cereal boxes to use (my favorite base for lots of crafts), I was good to go.

I started with the cereal box. I cut it open and then into a square. Then I cut a small square in the center so that it could hang (later) on a nail.

Then, while watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my kiddos I started tearing out book pages and rolling them up. (Side note- I watched this movie tons of times as a kid. As proof, I can sing you the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Song chorus. However, I totally don't remember the part near the end about the evil guy locking up kids?!?! Maybe I blocked that part out? Anyway, it didn't seem to faze my kids too much. They didn't love the movie though. They DO, however, LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! They've watched that one a few times since getting it at the library!)

Anyways, I rolled my paper so that it makes a cylinder shape. Then I taped it with a small piece of tape (near the back so it won't show later) and tossed it in the pile on the rug. I did this until I had probably 50 pieces. (Note: while rolling and taping, I tried to make some paper more tightly rolled and some looser; I knew I wanted smaller paper on top and bigger rolls in the back.)

Then I started gluing them onto my cereal box cardboard square. I started by gluing them symmetrically-- meaning, I glued one facing up on the top, one pointing right, one pointing left, one pointing down (like a compass, sort of). Then I divided the space in half and glued another rolled page there, and so on and so forth.

When the first layer was done, I then started gluing rolled pages that were a bit shorter and more tightly rolled on top of the first layer, staggering between the spaces to fill in any holes. I did an entire layer of these shorter and more tightly rolled papers.

Then I took even more tightly rolled paper and cut them with scissors to make them shorter and did another layer on top of the second layer. Again, I staggered them with the first two layers and tried to fill in empty spots.

When my wreath was done, the middle was a big ugly mess of hot glue and paper, so I made this little circle of book pages for the center. I took some paper and folded it back and forth, like you do a fan. I made 4 of these and glued them together to make a circle.

Finally I took some twine and hot glued that into a circle, twisting it around and gluing it on the back, and then glued it to the center of the wreath.

I think it turned out pretty nice! And, considering it was accomplished using materials I had and during the length of the baby's nap, it was a very easy and relaxing craft for me!

I decided to move it to a different spot in the kitchen. I think I like it better here.

Stay tuned until tomorrow when I share the second craft I made using the leftover book pages from the book I massacred (as seen in the picture on the left side). As my girlfriend texted me, "Meghan, step awaaaaaaaaaay from the books." Hahaha!

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