Friday, April 17, 2015

DIY: Monogram Wall Art using Book Pages

As promised, here's the other Book Page Project I made the other day.

I had so much fun making my Book Page Wreath and I had more pages in the book I was using, so I decided to make a monogram "L" to hang as well.

I took my trusty cereal box cardboard to use as a base and cut it into the shape of a capital L.

Then I cut out small strips of book pages and rolled them and put a small piece of tape on the back. I would lay the rolls on the cardboard L to make sure they fit well; if not, a quick snip with the scissors trimmed them down to size.

I didn't glue them on until I had cut and rolled and placed them all on the cardboard to see how it looked. Then I moved a few aside at a time and put some hot glue on the cardboard and then pressed the paper rolls in place.

When finished I attached a small white rosette I had leftover from some ribbon to add some flair. ;)

Both of these projects are hung with command strips because they are relatively lightweight and I didn't want to add any holes to the wall with nails.

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