Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FREE "Summer Fun Ideas" Printable! List of Free and Cheap things to do with your kids this summer!

We've got about one week left in our homeschool lessons and I'm so ready for a few weeks of a more relaxed schedule, of enjoying our (short) Michigan summer, and of having lots of fun playing together!

The other day I made a list of some FREE things the kids and I can do this summer. I love that there are so many fun and FREE activities in our town in which we can take part. I also wrote down a few outings we can go on that will cost a small fee- these will be a weekly treat for the kiddos.

I decided to make a printable to stick on the fridge so we can plan our weeks and make sure we have lots of outdoor fun! I don't expect to hear many complaints of "I'm bored", but if I do, there are always chores we can do! (Boooo!)

If you'd like to print my list, you can GO HERE to print it for free. Or use this list to get your own ideas flowing and tailor it to your town and area!

the library is a fun and air-conditioned place to hang out!

We are fortunate to live in a very family friendly area that offers so many free things-- free sprinkler parks, free kids activities, free concerts in the park, etc. But even if you don't live in a town large enough to offer these things, consider looking outside your town or creating your own fun activities with your neighborhood friends. You can always put on your own concert, talent show, sprinkler park (in someone's yard), parade, etc.

We save our bread crumbs & crusts and visit the ducks almost weekly in the summer!
Also, as far as the paid activities-- there are many ways to cut down on the cost of these fun treats. Look on Groupon for deals for passes to your local bounce house or roller-rink. Check your local library for a list of free community events or passes (our library has a museum pass that can be checked out for admission). Check your local paper or magazines for coupons and "get in free" days. Hit up your friends who have memberships to the zoo or local museums or science centers and see if they have extra passes to bring friends with them. Sign up for the Kids Bowl Free and Kids Skate Free programs and you'll only have to pay to rent shoes/skates. If you know a friend who has a huge garden, volunteer to help them harvest their crops (pick berry, beans, tomatoes, etc.) and I bet they'd even give you some of what you pick. ;)

My point is- you have to be creative and proactive to plan a fun summer for your kids if you don't want them glued to the TV or bickering with each other.

I hope this helps! Leave me a comment with your most clever ideas for free family fun! I'm always looking for new things to do with the kids!!

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