Monday, June 20, 2016

Schoola: New members start off with $30 to spend= FREE clothes! Plus FREE SHIPPING and 50% off code!

Schoola is offering 50% off your purchase (except new-with-tags items) and free shipping with the code EXPLORE at checkout!

Plus, new member get a free credit of $30 when they join!!

Just GO HERE to sign up and get a $20 credit!  To get another $10 credit, after signing up, go here to create a "custom collection" (it takes just a few seconds) and you'll get another $10 credit-- and yes, these can be used together!!

So, NEW MEMBERS can start off with $30 in free credit to use, so you'll get gently used clothing (for kids and adults) for FREE!!!!!

I'm not sure how long these free credits will be available, so I'd sign up soon and grab some FREE clothes now while you can!

I just ordered a bunch of shorts and sandals for my girls using credits and didn't pay anything! 

You have nothing to lose-- just sign up HERE and get $30 and free shipping and pick up some clothes for FREE!!!

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