Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shop Your Way: Earn Surprise Points when you enter Sweepstakes! (Free money to spend at Kmart and Sears)

UPDATE: I just completed more sweeps and I now have $12 in surprise points!! 

You can log into your Shop Your Way account and enter sweepstakes to earn FREE points!

Just go here to read all the details. You'll want to look for Sweepstakes that have the pink "Doorbuster" logo on the left hand side-- those are the sweepstakes that will earn you free points (this will vary by member and each day).

After entering each of these sweepstakes, you can check your Surprise Points which are awarded as a Sweeps DoorBuster.

Select sweepstakes will offer special DoorBuster incentives for entering when the pink DoorBuster flag is featured:

The first designated number of entrants will receive surprise points just for entering! How many surprise points? Well, that's the surprise! How many entrants? That’s a surprise, too. What time will the Sweeps start…surprise! Entrants, check the surprise point section of your account to see if you entered in time to receive DoorBuster surprise points.

When you see the DoorBuster flag on a promotion, ENTER! You'll receive surprise points to use on items sold at Sears and Kmart.

DoorBuster flag will disappear once the offer has ended.

DoorBuster is also available on mobile.

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