Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FREE 8x10 Custom Metal Print with free shipping!! (GONE AGAIN)

UPDATE: If you want to use your $5 credit, you can order an 8x10 photo print (on sale for $0.99) and pay nothing to have it shipped to you. Or choose a 5x7, a few 4x6's, or wallets.

**UPDATE: this deal is working again with a new code (see below)! I just completed my order and the site was running smoothly!

Wow! Hurry and create a FREE 8×10 Custom Metal Print with FREE shipping! You won't even have to enter any credit card information!

 Just be sure to follow these steps:

1) Go here and click on the “Your Account” link at top right corner to create a new account. 
Click the Join tab and enter your info to create an account.

2) In the “How did you hear about us?” drop down menu, select the referred by a friend option and enter code 5901608 which will give you FREE $5 Pix Credits to use at checkout.

3) Then click to create a Metal Print.

4) Upload your photo (it took a few minutes for my photos to load to my gallery) and select the type of metal and finish, choose your shape, choose 8×10 from the drop down menu, select a fixture type (4 options), and then add to cart.

5) In your cart, use the promo code PXUSFAM35M This code is no longer valid

6) Proceed to checkout and when you are asked to enter a credit card for the $5 shipping, you can select to use your $5 Pix credits that you earned by signing up for a new account. You won't even have to enter any payment info!

This would make a great Christmas gift!!
Act fast!!

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