Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meijer: New Curbside Pickup at select locations!

Meijer is offering a new CurbSide grocery pick up service at many stores! The store near me has been offering it since about last November, and it's great!

Here's how it works:

1) Log into Meijer and shop online — browse thousands of items or search for specific products to build your cart. When I need a few things from Meijer and don't want to take all the kids into the store, I just search for what I want online, click "add to cart", and then quickly check the items off my list!

2) Then you choose a day and time for pickup. Meijer will shop for everything on your list and keep it fresh until you arrive. Small orders can be ready within an hour, larger orders within a few hours. You pay online with a credit card, but you aren't charged until you pick up your items and swipe your card and sign.

3) At your appointed time, you pull up at the Drive Up location, an employee will come out and take your payment and load your order into your car. For stores offering Walk-In Pickup, your order can also be picked up inside the store.

You can even clip coupons that are clipped to your mPerks account before you checkout!

There is a $4.95 service fee, but once this service comes to your local Meijer, the fee should be waived for the first month or two that they offer it as a special promotion! Right now all Dayton OH locations are offering FREE PICKUP thru 2/13/16, as their Grand Opening Special!

You can go here to see what locations are offering this service!

Have you tried this service? What do you think?

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