Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yay! It's a Review and Giveaway! Enter to win a Puzzle from Hallmark for National Puzzle Day!

Update: Congrats to troberts47 for being the random winner!  

Today, January 29th is National Puzzle Day, so I'm excited to share this new review and giveaway with you!

I've always loved working on jigsaw puzzles- it's so fun to see them come together and create a beautiful picture. There have been times when our kitchen table was covered with puzzle pieces for about a week! We couldn't eat on it because there was a puzzle in progress and we couldn't put it away until it was completed!

Puzzles are such a great group activity too; a fun quality time activity. You may work on it with someone else... not really talking too much, but just being close by and completing something together.

As part of the #LoveHallmark blogging team, I was sent this puzzle called A Vote for America. It is 1000 pieces and measures 24" x 30" when completed. It is made up of a variety of vintage election buttons from the early 1900's! There are also several versions of the American flag in this puzzle.

Here's another reason I love puzzles-- they are GREAT for your brain! When you work on challenging puzzles, you use both sides of your brain (left and right). Anytime you exercise both parts of your brain, your brain power is harnessed and gets better, and you increase your brain efficiency and capacity too.

Here are some more benefits of completing jigsaw puzzles:
  • enhances visual perception
  • improves memory
  • hones coordination
  • develops critical thinking
  • heightens creativity
  • increases dopamine production in the brain
Studies have shown that people who are used to doing activities like jigsaw puzzles (and crossword puzzles, etc.) were less likely to suffer from memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer's. That's a good enough reason for me!

Puzzles are a wonderful learning tool for children as well! Kids benefit from puzzles in the same ways as adults, plus puzzles aid in their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape recognition,
memory, problem solving skills, and overall cognitive development!

We have stacks of puzzles at our house- some for every age and at different levels of skill.

Check out Hallmark's line of jigsaw puzzles online here. You can also shop in your local store. Don't forget to follow Hallmark on Facebook and Twitter as well to stay up to date on their latest new products, promotions, coupons and more.

****** WIN IT! ******

Hallmark wants to give one lucky Savvy Spending Reader the chance to try out one of their beautiful puzzles! To enter to win a puzzle (Hallmark will randomly choose the puzzle you receive), just fill out the form below!

  One reader will be randomly selected on 2/3 and will need to respond within 48 hours to an email they receive from me. This giveaway was sponsored by Hallmark, but all opinions are my own.
US only please; one entry per person. Good luck! 

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