Friday, June 24, 2016

Do you have a Secret Clutter Space in your Kitchen? --How to Make your kitchen feel cleaner with this easy trick!

I discovered an easy trick to make your kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered!

It drives me crazy when there is too much clutter in my kitchen. I feel like the kitchen counters are just the go-to spot for people to drop their stuff. Toys get left on the table or counters, keys and wallets end up by the sink, and papers from church and junk mail collect on the stove.

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly trying to rid my counters of these items and am continually putting them "where they belong". (Does anyone else say this phrase ten times a day? "Please put this where it belongs?")

But even after I've rid my kitchen counters of things that don't belong, I still look around and feel that the kitchen is cluttered. One day it dawned on me-- my FRIDGE had become just as bad as the counters.

We had church papers, photos, tons of magnets, invitations, important phone numbers, our family calendar, the weekly meal plan, and more stuck to the front of the fridge. It was looking very cluttered, so I decided to trim down what "belongs" on the fridge.

Here is our before shot:

And here is the after:

I moved some important papers to the side of the fridge, got rid of magnets that we didn't need, arranged the photos of our sponsored kids and family members to the bottom corner, and gave it a good cleaning!

I would still prefer a fridge with NOTHING on it, but this cleaner fridge is definitely giving the whole kitchen a less cluttered feel!

Another thing I did was take a bunch of free magnet photo frames we've collected over the years and spray painted them so that they were all the same color.



And finally, I created a printable to write important phone numbers down and keep on the side of the fridge. My older kids know this info by heart, but it's nice to have in case of emergency or for the babysitter. If you'd like to print your own, GO HERE. It's a small 4x6 size and I wrote in the info and put mine in a plastic magnetic photo frame.

What "belongs" in your kitchen and on your fridge? Does your fridge need a de-cluttering? Give it a try!

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