Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Family Christian Summer Reading Club! Read 6 Christian Books and get a FREE Book (from select titles)!

Family Christian Bookstores are once again offering a Summer Reading Club! (Please note, it is different from last year.)

Encourage kids to take their reading to new heights by joining our Summer Reading Club. Adventure awaits them . . . in a faraway world, with fascinating characters and mischievous bad guys. Just crack open a book, and their imaginations will soar.

The Summer Reading Club’s open to all kids 12 years and younger! All they have to do is:
  • Read any six Christian books and explain one of the faith messages from each book in their Reading Adventures Diary. Print now 
  • Bring their completed diary to a Family Christian store between June 3 and August 25, 2016.
  • Choose a FREE book from the list here  
  • Don’t live by a store? Send your completed forms, mailing address and free book pick to
Remember, this is valid starting June 3 through August 25!

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