Thursday, August 25, 2016

Top Cash Back: new Students Treats Giveaway! Play daily for the chance to win CASH prizes!

Top Cash Back has another game you can play to add some CASH to your account!

It's called the Students Treats Giveaway and it's super easy to play!

For the duration of the game, just check their Facebook page daily for a clue (like pictured above).

Once you figure out the clue (it's also posted in the comments), go to your Top Cash Back account and type the name of the merchant.

Click on "cashback" to pull up the merchant's description page.

Then, wait for the Hummingbird to show up and click on it to reveal your prize (pictured below)!

You can win one of thousands of available cash prizes worth up to $100, plus the chance to win a $1,500 Mega Prize Package!

Here are the merchant names so far:

New merchants, updated 8/25:

Finish Line
Shoe Buy
Best Buy
The Children's Place
Under Armour

You can still play and click on each of the above mentioned merchants and get a hummingbird on each one!

I'll update this list once the game has gone on a bit longer! 

Good luck!

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