Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Free Kids Thanksgiving Activity Placemat Printable! Print now!

I'm so excited to share this cute printable I made for you!

I always like to have something little for my kiddos to do while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Usually we have some sort of "I'm Thankful For" activity to do, but this year I decided to create something a bit more for my kids, since two of them are getting older and need more of a challenge.

GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD! Since this is a two page document, print the first page, then feed your paper back into your printer and print the second page on the back, or choose "two-sided" printing in your print properties page!

You can print this Thanksgiving Activity Placemat for FREE! It's my gift to you! I'm so thankful for my readers!

This Thanksgiving Activity Placemat is 2-sided and includes a word search, coloring, a maze, unscrambling of words, a mad-libs activity, and more!

Print enough for all the kiddos at your Thanksgiving Feast. Bring along a box of crayons and hopefully it will buy you enough time to enjoy a glass of eggnog or help make the mashed potatoes!

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