Thursday, January 5, 2017

Macy's, Kmart, and Sears store closings in 2017!

Sad news-- 2017 will bring a lot of store closings in my area, and probably yours too.

Macy’s is planning to close 65 more stores nationwide by year-end 2017

Go here and scroll down to see if your local Macy’s will close.

Kmart and Sears plan to close stores by March, 2017! There are 78 Kmart and 26 Sears stores closing across the country.

I am especially bummed about the Kmart and Sears stores closing, as I received SO MUCH free stuff through Shop Your Way Rewards. 

This is terrible news for all the employees who work at these stores.

Are the Macy's, Kmarts, and Sears near you closing?

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