Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amazon: 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set for just $4.75 (#1 Bestseller) *Great for Christmas!

Here's a fun little gift idea for your teen! Amazon has this Anjou 24-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set for just $4.75 when you use promo code TW4AG9U9 at checkout!

These are a #1 Bestseller and get great reviews!!

  • Always Flawless Makeup Looks - Even and precise eye lining, shadowing, contouring, and glossing
  • The Complete Cosmetics Set - 24 brushes to deliver natural and professional results for all occasions
  • Premium Craftsmanship - Toxic-free glue prevents shedding and holds the bristles in place
  • Quality Synthetic Fiber Bristles - Uniformly blends and picks up powder and creams with no absorption
  • Delicate Brushes, Unharmed Skin - Soft fiber makes it easy to distribute makeup without hurting the skin

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