Thursday, May 14, 2020

It's time to say GOOD-BYE!

I started this blog TEN years ago! In 2010, I had a 5 year old and a 3 year old! Now I have a 15, 13, and 7 year old! Back in 2010, couponing was a lot different. We didn't have "mobile" coupons yet, many stores "doubled" coupon values, coupons on social media was just beginning... anyone else remember those days?

Times have definitely changed, and the coupon world has changed with it. So many deals are online now. Coupons are mostly digital. Stores all have their own rewards systems and mobile coupons. And we've changed with the times. My blog changed with the times.

But as my kids have grown and my days have gotten busier (I've been homeschooling three kids all this time), the blog sort of got pushed farther and farther back on my daily to-do list. The deals were not the same. And I didn't want to morph into a blog that only posted things to buy online through a link in which I received a portion of your sale. I've always been about saving money, being frugal so you can be more generous... I don't promote buying things you don't really need or can't afford. There are many many other "deal" blogs out there. Most of the large ones employ teams of people. It's always been just little ole' me here, posting as much as I can and what I saw as a good deal!

After Christmas of 2019, I decided to take a break from the blog.... to think and pray about what I should do with it. Should I continue on, even though I can't commit to it 100%? Should I switch it over to a travel blog (haha, I actually thought about this, because we do travel a lot)? Should I just stop?

My family and I at the Grand Canyon this part March!

Then, Covid-19 hit. The world sort of stopped. And I felt like it was time to just stop this blog as well. 

We had a good run. Ten years!! I hope that I've helped you and your family save some money. I appreciate those who followed this blog, shared it with others, and told me how it helped them. I posted lots of great deals, freebies, recipes, tips, and even articles on parenting "stuff". It was a great creative outlet for me, and I truly truly truly loved helping others learn to coupon and save money.

I just wanted to let you know, if you're reading this, that the blog domain will run out around the end of June/early July. If you liked any recipes that I posted (the crock pot French Dip was super popular), any printables (like the scavenger hunts), any homeschooling ideas for preschool kids-- you may want to print them or save them now before this website is no longer accessible.

We shall continue to see how coupons will evolve and change as years go on. I hope you continue to work on your savvy spending skills! 

Thanks again for your patronage on this blog and your support over the years! God bless you all! 


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